Max Plus Connector Needle Free

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Max Plus Connector Needle Free

Manufacturer: Progressive Medical
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Catheters provide a vital lifeline for patients. As the gatekeeper, catheter IV connectors should provide access without acting as an avenue for microbial contamination. For vital connections, evidence is confidence and the MaxPlus clear has been shown to help significantly reduce catheter complications (occlusions and CRBSIs) when used in conjunction with best practice interventions.2

Featuring a clear housing and patented Tru-Swab™ technology, the MaxPlus™ clear provides complete visualization of the fluid path-a visual reminder to completely perform clinical practices such as priming, disinfection and flushing. This clarity, when leveraged in combination with clinical practice interventions, may help to reduce the occurrence of bloodstream infections and occlusions in patients receiving infusion therapy-ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

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CASE 100